One Day Tea Extravaganza


Immerse yourself completely in an intense atmosphere capturing the incredible taste and aroma of some of the most exquisite, and often rarest, loose leaf teas from around the world, all in one day. Many teas cost hundreds of dollars a pound. Come and have tea and enjoy this special extravaganza of a day with other enthusiasts.

The event has been designed for and will benefit tea aficionados and others who wish to elevate their palate to a richer, superior level, just like wine lovers, so they can serve delicious, healthy tea to their best friends and acquaintances.

The One Day Tea Extravaganza is sponsored by the International Tea Masters Association, recognized worldwide as the Gold Standard in tea education, founded to provide the mastery level of training, education and certification to individuals wishing to become ITMA Certified Tea Professionals™. Its superior faculty and exceptional curriculum are unparalleled in the tea industry.

The tea tasting will be held on August 17, 2017, on the 17th Floor of the Park Cities Club (5956 Sherry Ln #1700, Dallas, TX 75225.  Phone: (214) 373-0756). It will be led by ITMA Certified Tea Master  Claudia Zárate Vergés, a resident of Dallas, Miami and Mexico City. With an extensive background in Wine, Tea, and Fine Cuisine, she promises to make this an especially memorable, life changing experience for everyone.

Cost for the full day program is only $199 per person. To purchase an admission ticket, click on this Event Link to attend.

Extraordinary Testimonial from a
new ITMA Tea Sommelier

What was the most significant thing you learned during the course and why?:

The most significant thing I learned during the ITMA course was how much respect tea deserves. The history, the nuances, the thousands of years of harvesting… this is an ancient art. I had been taking tea for granted my whole life, CTC all the way. I will not make the same mistake again. That knowledge has changed my life, because now I have a whole new experience, a meditative one, of experiencing tea. And I can’t imagine not having that space, that energy, in my life. It’s brought a whole new scope of depth and feeling… tea is like life: if you can settle in and experience the nuances of the flavors, colors, aromas, life will always be a textured masterpiece – if you have the peace of mind to be present with it. I will never go back to the rush-rush of a little baggie in hot water and slurping my way through the day without even tasting the flavor.

Tea Master Training
Starts June 2nd, San Diego

ITMA Certified Grand Tea Master Roy Fong will be leading the ITMA Certified Tea Master Course™ starting June 2nd in San Diego. He is a senior-level expert on tea, and likely the most knowledgeable man in the U.S. on Chinese and Taiwanese teas, from growing to harvesting, processing, marketing, and consumption. His expertise will come to the forefront as he leads a group of enthusiastic registrants attending the course. What they learn and experience will exceed their expectations. They will not want his sessions to end.

Roy opened the first traditional Chinese tea house in San Francisco back in 1992. He now overseas two Imperial Tea Court locations, one in Berkeley, one in San Francisco’s prestigious Ferry Building, where patrons can enjoy one incredible tea after another and order from an all-organic, sustainable dim sum menu. Both locations are remarkably successful. His success extends to his farm in Esparto, Northern California, where he is growing tea.

We are thankful for Roy’s contribution to our registrants on an educational level. He truly makes a difference.

Additional information on the ITMA Tea Master Certification Course™ starting June 2nd is available here.

Another Successful Training in New York City

The International Tea Masters Association recently held its ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™ in New York City.  It was a spectacular training attended by nine fortunate tea enthusiasts, eager to acquire a sophisticated level of tea knowledge as they tasted exquisite teas of exceptional quality.  The students were not disappointed!

The training was led by ITMA Certified Tea Masters Daniel Johnson who presented the group with a vast amount of information on each of the primary varieties of tea.  They evaluated and tasted close to 30 different varieties of Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Hawaiian teas.  The teas were prepared following Chinese Tea Ceremony “Gongfu Cha”, Japanese “senchado” and  “Cha No Yu”,  as well as professional cupping methods.

Johnson lectured continuously during each of the tea preparations to expand the registrants’ knowledge.  They also went on to discuss the health benefits of tea, the importance of the various aspects of marketing a tea business, customer service requirements for creating repeat customers, and several other topics of interest.  They then went on to discuss what was involved in the second part of the course, which is home study tasting and evaluating 18 different teas from various growing regions and submitting the registrant’s analysis via ITMA’s online Tea Evaluation Form.

They explained that the 18 tea tasting and evaluation sessions will be followed by tasting and evaluating a Mystery Tea, a required dissertation (5 minutes oral on Skype or 4 pages written), and a 100 question Final Examination.

Overall the training was an extraordinary success, one that will be long remembered by its fortunate registrants after they receive a Certificate of Completion and the prestigious  ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier™ title.

The ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™ will be held again in New York City in the second half of 2017.

Tea at 10 of the World’s Best Restaurants


On April 5, the annual and much lauded World’s 50 Best Restaurants list was released. Decided by an Academy of around 1,500 members, made up of chefs, food critics, restaurateurs, and more, the list serves as a manual for famous food names and places. Although controversial for its general lack of female chefs, Euro-centrism, etc., the list offers a glimpse into what might be considered the most cutting-edge, most refined, and most interesting dining to be had anywhere in the world in 2017.

Tea at 10 of the World’s Best Restaurants