Michael Siegel

MICHAEL Siegel headshot

Michael Siegel is a certified ITMA Tea Master and Tea Sommelier.  He is the owner of the Three Mouths Tea on the Internet.  The web site cultivates knowledge, ritual, and community around tea.  Siegel’s goal is to offer chemical-free, rare, unusual teas of the highest quality.  He brings 18 years of university teaching experience to his ITMA role, along with an extraordinary enthusiasm for tea, its history, and its culture. He believes that tea is an extension of a physically and spiritually healthy way of life and a way of connecting with oneself, with others, and with those who came before us.

The name Three Mouths is a play on the Chinese concept pin cha (品茶), which in the most casual sense simply means to sip tea. When we drink tea, therefore, we do so with not one, but three mouths – the mouth itself as we know it, but also with the nose and the eyes. Pin cha claims tea as a privileged moment for mindfully unifying these three mouths with the rest of our being as Siegel chooses products that deliver the life force and organoleptic qualities of the Camellia sinensis plant in the purest, most complete and intact way, so his customers receive the highest possible benefit from this remarkable plant for all the senses, as well as for physical and spiritual well-being.

Siegel plans to offer the ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course on the east coast of the U.S. starting in early 2019.  He promises to make the training a life-enhancing experience.