Tea Master Curriculum

Part 1 ITMA COMPREHENSIVE TEA MASTER COURSE™ (3-days onsite at a meeting location)

      • Course Introduction
      • Salute to Tea Masters
      • Defining a Tea Master
      • Importance of Innovation
      • Tea Cultures Worldwide
      • Organoleptic Evaluation of Tea
      • Use of a Yao Pan
      • Interpreting Dry Tea Leaves, Color of Tea Liquor, Color of Steeped Tea Leaves
      • Proper Cupping of Tea
      • Advanced Tea Grading, Tasting & Evaluating (before and after steeping)
          • Green Tea
          • Yellow Tea
          • White Tea
          • Oolong Tea (green and dark)
          • Jasmine Tea
          • Black Tea
          • Puerh Tea (sheng and shou)
        • Law of Attraction
        • Mindfulness and Meditation
        • The Art of Envisioning
        • The Art of Intentioning
        • Tea Business Planning Tools
        • Starting or Expanding a Tea Business
        • Attracting and Retaining Customers
        • Effective Use of Social Media and Press Releases
        • Successful Web Site Concepts that Work
        • Half-day Visit to Roy Fong’s Tea Farm

Part 2 ITMA TEA MASTER TASTING COURSE™ (12-weeks of home study)
Tasting and evaluating 24 high-end exquisite teas from various growing regions and submitting the results to the ITMA via our online Tea Evaluation Form.

Upon successful completion, registrants will taste and evaluate three mystery teas, submitting the results to the ITMA via our online Tea Evaluation Form.  This will be followed by a Dissertation (oral 10 minute) or (written 6 page) on subject of registrant’s choice, and a Final Examination (Exam Fee $195 – repeat $95).

Graduates completing the training will receive a Certificate of Completion and an ITMA Certified Tea Master or ITMA Certified Tea Taster lapel pin.