About Us


chaskroll_newChas Kroll, Certified Tea Master™, is the Executive Director of the International Tea Masters Association. Formerly, he owned and operated Royal Dynasty Tea, an online specialty tea company, which he sold in June, 2006. His original vision for the company was to disseminate information on the healthy benefits of consuming tea to a broad cross-section of the population. In doing so, he believed that people would be able to reduce the incidence of harmful, life-threatening diseases, increase their energy, enhance their lifestyle, and live longer, more fulfilling lives. He carries this same belief with him as he manages the ATMA.

Kroll’s colleagues in the tea industry regarded him as a skilled and knowledgeable tea master, developing several of his own proprietary, custom tea blends, a tea-based seasoning rub for food, and several courses of instruction.Besides his talent and ability with tea, he is also a professionally trained coach, author, speaker, soft-spoken motivator, and empowering leader-by-example. On a personal level, he’s an articulate, intelligent, confident, sincere, caring man. His creativity is one of his unique gifts, followed by his spirituality and integrity. What most people get from him when they meet him is his authenticity.

Besides 30 years of experience in the business world, he brings to the table the skills necessary to drive the association forward by creating meaningful, lasting relationships with its members.