thumbs_downThe individuals listed below are blacklisted by the International Tea Masters Association and permanently barred from ITMA Membership, participating in any ITMA training courses, publicly displaying ITMA Certificates of Completion and lapel pins, and using the association’s name publicly in any manner whatsoever.

These individuals have displayed poor ethics, inferior integrity, and a lack of trustworthiness in their personal and business dealings with the International Tea Masters Association.

Sylvana Levesque ¹ Laval. QC, Canada

¹ The International Tea Education Institute (ITEI), owned and operated by Sylvana Levesque, was trained as a tea master by the International Tea Masters Association in 2011. She became an ITMA trainer shortly thereafter, until she had to be terminated for cause in 2013. ITMA filed a lawsuit against her in Canada in 2016 and won the case with a judgement against her.

Eduardo Molina Anfossi Santiago, Chile