The finest, most complete training courses in the tea industry

The International Tea Masters Association, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, offers the finest, most complete training courses in the tea industry.  Its superior faculty and outstanding curriculum are unmatched, purposely designed to create a life changing experience.

Please take a moment to read the extraordinary testimonial from one of our recent ITMA Tea Sommelier graduates.

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Tea Masterclass:  How To Start A Successful Tea Business

Starts September 9, 2017, San Diego, CaliforniaFour Points by Sheraton San Diego – Sea World.  Tuition $1,975

Tea Masterclass:  How To Produce Quality Oolong Tea™

Starts October 17, 2017, Longyan, Fujian, ChinaTaiyuan Villa, Zhangping.  Tuition $1475

ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™:

Starts June 14, 2017, Guwahati, Assam, IndiaFive Star Hotels to reasonably priced Guest Houses.  Tuition $975

Starts June 17, 2017, Las Vegas, NVMandarin Oriental Hotel.  Tuition $1,475 – Following the World Tea Expo 

Starts July 6, 2017, Guwahati, Assam, IndiaFive Star Hotels to reasonably priced Guest Houses.  Tuition $975

Starts July 8, 2017, Mexico City, MexicoStadía Suites Santa Fe.  Tuition $975

Inicia 8 de julio 2017, Ciudad de México, MéxicoStadía Suites Santa Fe.  Matrícula $975

Starts July 8, 2017, San Francisco, CACourtyard Marriott Downtown San Francisco.  Tuition $1,475

Starts July 15, 2017, Hilo, HawaiiGrand Naniloa Hotel Hilo – a DoubleTree by Hilton.  Tuition $1,475

Starts July 22, 2017, Bozeman MTThe Voss Inn.  Tuition $975

Starts August 10, 2017, Baguio, PhilippinesAzalea Hotels & Residences.  Tuition $975

Starts September 7, 2017, Guwahati, Assam, IndiaFive Star Hotels to reasonably priced Guest Houses.  Tuition $975

Starts September 9, 2017, Mexico City, MexicoStadía Suites Santa Fe.  Tuition $975

Starts September 9, 2017, Ciudad de MéxicoStadía Suites Santa Fe.  Tuition $975

Starts September 16, 2017, Coeur d’Alene, IDThe Coeur d’Alene Resort.  Tuition $975

Starts September 23, 2017, Honolulu, HawaiiAston Waikiki Sunset Hotel.  Tuition $975

Starts September 23, 2017, London, EnglandWaldorf Hilton.  Tuition $1,475

Starts September 23, 2017, San Francisco, CaliforniaCourtyard Marriott Downtown San Francisco.  Tuition $1,475

Starts September 28, 2017, Hong KongCourtyard Hong Kong Sha Tin Hotel.  Tuition $1,475 

Starts September 30, 2017, New York, NYCambria Hotel & Suites New York – Chelsea.  Tuition $1,475

Starts October 14, 2017, San Francisco CACourtyard Marriott Downtown San Francisco.  Tuition $1,475

Starts November 4, 2017, San Francisco, CaliforniaCourtyard Marriott Downtown San Francisco.  Tuition $1,475

Starts November 11, 2017, Missoula,, MontanaCourtyard by Marriott Missoula.  Tuition $975

Starts November 18, 2017, Honolulu, HawaiiOhana East Hotel.  Tuition $1,045

Starts December 9, 2017, Bay Harbour Island, FloridaRiva Bay Harbour.  Tuition $975

Starts by Appointment, ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Training Via Skype.  Tuition $1,975

Inicia con cita previa, Certificación ITMA Tea Sommelier Curso ™ con Skype.  $1,475 Matrícula


ITMA Certified Tea Blending Course™:

Starts August 12, 2017, San Francisco, CA
Courtyard Marriott Downtown San Francisco.  Tuition $1,975

ITMA Certified Tea Master Course™ *:

Starts September 29, 2017, San Diego, California, Four Points By Sheraton San Diego – Sea World. Course Trainers: ITMA Certified Grand Tea Master Roy Fong And ITMA Certified Tea Master Chas KrollITMA Executive Director Tuition $2,975 *

* See Prerequisite.


Purple Leaf Tea from JusTea is organically grown, fairly-traded, one of a kind tea carefully produced by small-scale farmers in Kenya.  It is certainly one of the lesser known types of tea in the market, especially among the casual tea drinkers. The term “purple tea” has created somewhat of a debate in the tea industry, as it has challenged the more traditional classifications of tea (black, green, white, oolong, etc), and the criteria used to determine the classification of specific tea products. And although I can understand the purist viewpoint, I can also understand the marketing benefit of differentiating Purple tea from Green tea, although the processing technique is nearly identical.

I expect the popularity of the JusTea Purple Leaf Tea to increase in the future, as awareness and consciousness of better nutrition and wellness gain traction in the United States, and around the globe in general. In particular, Purple Tea producers and the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya claim that the fresh purple tea leaves contain an antioxidant known as Anthocyanin. This is the same antioxidant that is present in blueberries and pomegranates, and we all are familiar with the healthy reputation of those two products. So expect to see more and more Purple Tea products popping up in your local grocery store.

The dry leaves have a uniform charcoal gray color. The leaves appear to be medium to large fragments, with a few bare stems and buds in the mix. The leaves appear to be hand-rolled. The aroma has scents of dark chocolate, dried plum, freshly picked spinach, light smoke, and light vanilla.

The dry leaves were placed in a ceramic tasting cup and infused with 175°F water for 3 minutes. The leaves can be reused at least 2 or 3 times.

The tea liquor has a color that reminds me of the flesh of a plum, with a pale, light purple color. The aroma has scents of plum, wet stones, and a pleasant earthiness. The body is medium, with a clean, brisk, lively mouthfeel. The taste has notes of plum, wet stones, cooked spinach, fresh swiss chard, and a light earthiness. The aftertaste carries the clean, mineral essence of wet stones and very light plum.

The wet leaves are mostly a fresh, forest green color, with some spots of purple. There are a few bare stems, and a few nicely developed buds. The leaves are unusually thin and delicate. The fragments are mostly medium to large size, with a few leaves that are nearly fully intact. The aroma has scents of steamed spinach, chard, wet stones, light plum, and earth.

The Purple Leaf Tea from JusTea is an excellent escape from other teas, and is certainly unique in its own rite. I really enjoy the tastes of the mineral and earthiness, which is often found in teas that are pan-fired, as the Purple Leaf Tea is. The feel and texture of this tea was also noteworthy, having a clean, refreshing, and brisk character. The color is most definitely unique and interesting, with a pale, light purple color that looks similar to the flesh of a plum. The used leaves were uniquely delicate and soft. The experience of this tea, from start to finish, can best be summarized as unique.

Purple Leaf Tea from JusTea is currently selling for USD $13.60 for 60 grams

By ITMA Certified Tea Professional Kevin Craig


One Day Tea Extravaganza


Immerse yourself completely in an intense atmosphere capturing the incredible taste and aroma of some of the most exquisite, and often rarest, loose leaf teas from around the world, all in one day. Many teas cost hundreds of dollars a pound. Come and have tea and enjoy this special extravaganza of a day with other enthusiasts.

The event has been designed for and will benefit tea aficionados and others who wish to elevate their palate to a richer, superior level, just like wine lovers, so they can serve delicious, healthy tea to their best friends and acquaintances.

The One Day Tea Extravaganza is sponsored by the International Tea Masters Association, recognized worldwide as the Gold Standard in tea education, founded to provide the mastery level of training, education and certification to individuals wishing to become ITMA Certified Tea Professionals™. Its superior faculty and exceptional curriculum are unparalleled in the tea industry.

The tea tasting will be held on August 17, 2017, on the 17th Floor of the Park Cities Club (5956 Sherry Ln #1700, Dallas, TX 75225.  Phone: (214) 373-0756). It will be led by ITMA Certified Tea Master  Claudia Zárate Vergés, a resident of Dallas, Miami and Mexico City. With an extensive background in Wine, Tea, and Fine Cuisine, she promises to make this an especially memorable, life changing experience for everyone.

Cost for the full day program is only $199 per person. To purchase an admission ticket, click on this Event Link to attend.

Extraordinary Testimonial from a
new ITMA Tea Sommelier

What was the most significant thing you learned during the course and why?:

The most significant thing I learned during the ITMA course was how much respect tea deserves. The history, the nuances, the thousands of years of harvesting… this is an ancient art. I had been taking tea for granted my whole life, CTC all the way. I will not make the same mistake again. That knowledge has changed my life, because now I have a whole new experience, a meditative one, of experiencing tea. And I can’t imagine not having that space, that energy, in my life. It’s brought a whole new scope of depth and feeling… tea is like life: if you can settle in and experience the nuances of the flavors, colors, aromas, life will always be a textured masterpiece – if you have the peace of mind to be present with it. I will never go back to the rush-rush of a little baggie in hot water and slurping my way through the day without even tasting the flavor.

Tea Master Training
Starts June 2nd, San Diego

ITMA Certified Grand Tea Master Roy Fong will be leading the ITMA Certified Tea Master Course™ starting June 2nd in San Diego. He is a senior-level expert on tea, and likely the most knowledgeable man in the U.S. on Chinese and Taiwanese teas, from growing to harvesting, processing, marketing, and consumption. His expertise will come to the forefront as he leads a group of enthusiastic registrants attending the course. What they learn and experience will exceed their expectations. They will not want his sessions to end.

Roy opened the first traditional Chinese tea house in San Francisco back in 1992. He now overseas two Imperial Tea Court locations, one in Berkeley, one in San Francisco’s prestigious Ferry Building, where patrons can enjoy one incredible tea after another and order from an all-organic, sustainable dim sum menu. Both locations are remarkably successful. His success extends to his farm in Esparto, Northern California, where he is growing tea.

We are thankful for Roy’s contribution to our registrants on an educational level. He truly makes a difference.

Additional information on the ITMA Tea Master Certification Course™ starting June 2nd is available here.