Certified Blending Course

This 3-day ITMA Tea Blending course TM is ideally suited for restaurant and tea business owners/ managers, wine and tea sommeliers, chefs, caterers, tea affecionados, …and focuses on the
secrets and mysteries of tea blending, along with professional techniques for developing both traditional blends and signature formulas.

During this course you  will  be trained in blending various types and grades of tea with other teas and with ingredients like herbs, dried fruit, flowers and flower petals, and spices, based on traditional formulas and current market demand, achieving results based on the technical citreria acquired during the program.

The course will be followed by home study involving various blending formulations and periodic online sessions for support.

After completing the training you will be awarded the prestigious title of ITMA Certified Tea Blender TM   and an ITMA Certificate of Completion TM.

ITMA Certified Tea Blender – $2,325.00 dlls. for ITMA Members. The cost of sending the certificate is borne by the client depending on the country where it must be sent.

Secure your place and make a security deposit selecting your Instructor and the Certified Course. (At the CART once you proceed to checkout, please include at the "Additional Information" section the dates of the course you wish to attend)