Elective-Advance Tea Courses


Building on our foundation of excellence in tea education ITMA offers a series of in-depth continuing tea education courses for those that want to elevate their tea knowledge by refining their expertise.

As these “Advanced” learning opportunities require participants to have already demonstrated tea knowledge at the Sommelier or Master level. These one-day electives are available only to those that have successfully completed the Tea Sommelier or Tea Master classroom course and have received or will be receiving certification from ITMA.

The electives provide insight into tea character, process, properties, functionality, origins, history, technology and benefits. Completing these electives will embellish your working knowledge of tea furthering your ability to utilize it in your tea endeavors.

You will gain invaluable information by immersing yourself in an intense tea experience led by Tea Master Philip Parda who has accumulated 49 years as a “Student of Tea”.

The following electives will be offered throughout the year at various venues. Please consult our schedule as we continue to add dates and additional electives.  The electives are usually offered adjacent to Tea Sommelier or Tea Master classes allowing participants to take an elective immediately after their Sommelier or Master class:


  • Advanced White, Green & Yellow Teas
  • Advanced Oolong Teas
  • Advanced Dark & Pu’er Tea
  • Advanced Black Teas
  • Advanced Artisan Teas
  • Advanced History of Tea
  • The Science & Technology of Tea