Melissa Salazar


Melissa Salazar, ITMA Certified Tea Master™ and ITMA Certified Tea Blender™.

As Melissa Salazar began to grow through life experiences, She  found a connection to Health, Wellness and Education to be her calling.  She began with an attainment of a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Nutrition and Wellness.   As She became a teacher in this profession Melissa realized that her passion for tea became stronger. She decided to pursue more knowledge of tea and expand on her wellbeing. Through the Education in the International Tea Masters Association(ITMA), She became a certified Tea sommelier and onto a Certified Tea  master, then a Blend specialist. Her passion was to create a Tea company that would “educate the world one tea cup at a time “ , by creating unique handcrafted high quality tea blends. Hence her company was born. Red’s Zen Tea Company.

Creating her company and her brand was only one half of the puzzle, as she grew her  company she found the urge to expand on teaching and sharing her passion for tea. The opportunity of becoming a Certified trainer for the International Tea Masters association presented itself.  As she finished teaching her very first class, Melissa realized the overwhelming excitement she had in sharing and teaching these courses. She finally felt the rush of fulfillment in purpose by educating others  about tea and helping them to create a career in tea for themselves. Being a part of the Tea Masters Association has allowed Melissa to travel the world and expand her knowledge of tea through visiting the worlds Tea regions and experiencing Tea in every aspect of production.

Melissa is currently growing and expanding her online business, Teaching Tea certification courses through the ITMA , and consulting  and creating Tea Blend Lines for other growing companies. Her overall mission in life is to educate and give back by helping others expand on their passion for tea while providing delicious tea blends for individuals that are looking for a healthy way to increase well being and pleasure of life through tea.