Certification Courses Taught By Tea Master Philip Parda:

Tea Sommelier course Part 1 is done virtually over 4, ½ day sessions. Current approximate course dates for Tea Sommelier courses with Tea Master Philip Parda are:

Part 1 sessions/ 5/4/22, 5/11/22, 5/18/22, 5/25/22

Registrants are provided a copy of the ITMA Comprehensive Tea Sommelier Training Manual™ on the first day of class, and a copy of the ITMA Tea Sommelier Tasting Course Training Manual™ will be distributed on the last day of class in preparation for the start of the ITMA Tea Sommelier Tasting Course™.  Following the completion of the teas in the ITMA Tea Sommelier Tasting Course Training Manual™, registrants will taste and evaluate a Mystery Tea, followed by a Dissertation, and Final Examination.

Upon course completion, graduates will receive an ITMA Certificate of Completion.

Please note: for this training series, all sessions will be at 1:00 pm EST

Price:  $1,475.00 for Members / $1,725.00 for non Members / $250.0 Deposit Fee

If you want to secure your spot on the course please click on this link to make the deposit.