-The value of “hands-on” training with a Tea professional…-

At ITMA we see the value in hands-on tea training with one-to-one contact where the tea experience develops and questions can be asked to eliminate any uncertainty. The “tea experience” is more than tasting tea, it’s understanding how to taste tea, what to look for, how to calibrate your palate and follow your senses. The “tea experience” is sharing insight and nuance while understanding the tea…

Your tea training will lay the foundation for your tea career, and for the level of proficiency you will carry forward into your venture in tea.

You’ve committed to “understanding tea” and to sharing tea knowledge with people that will be full of many of the questions you initially have had. You need the to be solid on your tea material, to hear it from a tea professional that cares that you get it and that will stick with you for as long as it takes to reach your confident success point.

Your tea training can’t be a gamble. You need validation that you have been exposed to the correct material, that you have grasped it and that you are confident in using that material as a tool to move your career ahead.

At ITMA we connect with each individual to assess your needs and provide the level of training that allows you to develop your tea knowledge and tea skills to become the tea professional you want to become.

Once you join the ITMA family you are a member for life and part of a network of tea professionals that believe in the virtues of tea and what it can do for us all.

I hope to have the opportunity to share some of my nearly 50 years of experience as a “student of tea” with you in an upcoming training session and make a connection for life.

Philip Parda ∞ Tea Master